The workshop experience

“It was an amazing weekend with deep connections and heart filling realizations for me. [The workshop] was one of the best and most fulfilling events in my life. I truly felt “heard”.”
— Shay, in-person workshop participant
“Focusing on my CDFs is life changing! In some areas... I’ve found I really do what makes me feel good. I was just numb to it. Sensing my life is so delightful! Thank you for sharing yourselves.”
— Heather, virtual workshop participant
“You all have helped open my eyes to the beauty I surround myself with.”
— Heather, virtual workshop participant

Andrea & Cécile

“So much value came from being able to vulnerably share what is ‘really’ happening inside, in a soft, supportive, yet strong and no-nonsense atmosphere. [...] My favorite piece of this training was the strong, clear and beneficial guidance that Andrea and Cécile offer as fellow seekers, but more so as experienced, transformed women who have done the hard work, and as Coaches. [...] I recommend this workshop for enriching, soul-seeking, freedom-seeking assistance.”
— Christina, in-person workshop participant
“My favorite part of this training was the lightness Cécile and Andrea brought to the discovery process.”
— Jenipher, virtual workshop participant


“This was one of the best conversations in the workshop! Really changes one’s focus and perceptions.”
— Heather, virtual workshop participant


“Thank you for the follow-up call. Having this call to look forward to was very instrumental in helping me stay focused this past month.”
— Heather, virtual workshop participant