Frequently Asked Questions

What IS the Desire Map? (and wtf does it do anyway?)

The Desire Map is a book, a theory, a tool for guiding you towards what you WANT. The book was written by Danielle LaPorte and started with a question – How do I want to feel.  Each goal we seek has a feeling underlying it – to feel good, abundant, peaceful, powerful. Instead of just creating goals, the Desire Map guides you to identify your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs), and then has you use them to drive your choices and goals in life.  The Desire Map helps recalibrate your inner GPS with what you want in life – it aligns YOU with your Desires. 

It sounds like rainbows and unicorns now, doesn’t it?! Imagine anything juicy... the work is even much juicier than that. Uncovering your desires, pealing back the layers, can be a messy process. The process is thoughtful work, it can take time, but rainbows and unicorns will be there at the Finish Line!

Who is the Desire Map for?

It’s for anyone – everyone. It is for those who are stuck – in a job, in a relationship, in a project, in themselves. It is for those who feel a little (A LOT) numb. It is for those who have made all the lists possible but still can’t seem to get that project/idea/thing rolling. It is for those who know that something’s off, but can't quite put their finger on it. It is for those who know that there’s something bigger out there for them, but just don’t know what it is or how to get there. 

The Desire Map opens the door to what is possible. It works at any time. It is especially useful during times of transition, preparation for a new project/year/position, etc., or just when you know you need to reconnect with YOU.

Is this work for both genders?

(well... it IS branded pretty shades of purple and peach)

Yes. The Desire Map can be used by everyone. Who wouldn’t benefit from becoming centered in how they want to feel and having that act as their compass?

There is no Us vs. Them. Mothers. Daughters. Young Adults. Men (yes, MEN). Fathers. Sons. Anyone open to the necessary vulnerability of the process and willing to do the work authentically will benefit from The Desire Map. More enlightened beings in this world WILL benefit us all in the end.

Do I need to have read the book "The Desire Map" to attend a workshop? Will I get anything out of the workshop if I haven't read it?

You do NOT need to read the book to get a whole bunch o’ value from the workshop. The Desire Map Workshop: Level 1 - is designed to guide you through the entire process of Desire Mapping – the theory, the tools and the activities. It is designed for both those who have never taken part in the Desire Mapping Process and those who are familiar, want to go deeper and get on the wild ride once more.

With your registration for any of our workshops, you will receive a Desire Map Workbook as well as a journal for the work you will do with us (+ other goodies curated by us for you).

Please visit our online store to browse all other Desire Map products that are available to you for purchase.

Level 1, Level 2 - What's the difference?

There is a LOT of content and curriculum to go around in The Desire Map. Danielle LaPorte and her team have decided to split it into 2 workshop levels because it undeniably takes time and focused energy to get through it. Level 2 will be available later in 2015. You will be the first to know when our first Level 2 workshops come out!

Level 1 focuses on guiding you through the layers down to your Core Desired Feelings. It is the foundational work, laying the groundwork for you to learn to resonate with your own wants and desires. As you get clear on what you want, things may start to shift.

Level 2 is all about Goals with Soul - applying your Core Desired Feelings to your goals, attaching them to tangible results and concrete outcomes.

Where can I buy me The Desire Map goodies?

If you are attending one of our in-person workshops: there will be a few The Desire Map products available for purchase on site.

If you would like to order products online, you're in luck! We are affiliates of Danielle LaPorte and are authorized retailers of her goodies. Buying them through us will not cost you more, and we will be rewarded for selling. Thank you for your support!

Please visit our online store to start shopping The Desire Map products.

Why would I attend a Desire Map workshop? My life's ROCKIN' right now!

FANTASTIC! We love to hear this! And the answer to your question is still a resounding YES – The Desire Map workshops can absolutely add value to your life. 

This workshop can add additional fuel to your fire and function as a soul re-alignment – a chiropractic adjustment for the soul, if you will. We all understand the necessity of maintenance for both body and soul. The Desire Map Workshops can also provide you access to new ways of thinking and new tools for navigating your process. You can get clear on what IS working and how to keep it working. One of the major benefits of attending a workshop is to create connection and foster a community with like-minded people, allowing you to step further into your greatness.

I am in the middle of a breakdown/transition/major "life moment". I am in complete overwhelm. Is this the right time for me?

We get it, we REALLY do. We have been there, both of us.

For Andrea, it looks like this: curled up in bed, lights dimmed, fuzzy blankets galore, playing Angry Birds Transformers while my iPad plays all of my queued episodes on Hulu (Greys Anatomy, the Vampire Diaries, Grimm, New Girl … you get the picture). There’s probably an empty pint of dairy goodness (most likely some Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia) laying somewhere near me.

For Cécile, it looks like this: my bed, mindless reads spread out on the duvet, phone off, a plate of salami-piggy-deliciousness (I believe fat to be the solution), episodes of Sex and the City playing in the background. And at the center, me, a shapeless lump, thinking (hoping) that after a good night's sleep, everything will be aaaaall better. OK OK... Actually, probably devising a plan to make things aaaaall better.

We won’t lie: doing the work to uncover yourself can be challenging. But what better place to be than with a group of Desire Mappers holding space for you to be? Often, the times when we feel the most broken are the times when we are most ready to shift and reach the next phase. We can promise that our Desire Map workshops are a safe, sacred environment where you will be asked only to show up exactly as you are – so come in your sweats if that’s all you can muster.

Showing vulnerability and sharing feelings with strangers? HELLS NO.

Yes. In these workshops, you will be doing deep and meaningful work. Participants (and facilitators) will share, emotions will surface. However, you will NEVER be required to share anything you don’t want to. This is an open invitation to a sacred space; should you choose to share, we will make it as safe and supportive as we possibly can for you to do so.


Commitments and Cancellations and Refunds - Oh My!

We know that delving into personal awareness can be scary and so we invite you to breathe, center yourself, take the time to listen to your body and your gut, and FEEL your answer. If this is the right thing for you – JUMP OFF. Cross the line. Choose courage. Do it anyway.

If you are ready to join us, AWESOMESAUCE! We are ECSTATIC to have you here with us! We’re here to support you, to love you and to celebrate your journey.

It’s worth it. We promise.

We know that life happens, stuff comes up, and things changes. Here’s the skinny:

Cancellations: Because all workshops have limited space and require extensive preparation, tickets are non-refundable.

Options: If something happens and you are no longer able to attend the workshop, you do have a couple of options:

1. You may transfer your ticket to another participant of your own finding up to 2 business days prior to the event start date.

2. You may choose to attend a different event of course (of equal $ value, or you may supplement the cost), space providing.

Email us directly @ with your request and we’ll get you taken care of!


Once you complete the registration and payment process, you will receive an email from 'Desire Map with Andrea & Cécile @' which will give you the ‘deets’ for the workshop you have registered for.

This means online conference information for the virtual workshops, the physical address for the in-person workshops, and preparation requirements for both.


Payments are made in full at registration on our website. All workshops and products can be purchased from our online store @

Based on our "no human left behind" policy, payment plans are available on a case by case basis. If you need to discuss payment options, please contact us @ and we will get right back to you.


These workshops are experiential courses for the purpose of personal awareness and transformation. They are not intended to take the place of therapy nor are they to be taken as medical advice. Please consult with your therapist or physician for any concerns you may have.