My core desired feelings:

Free | Wonder | Immense | In | Luminous

“The Desire Map had me put a finger on a part of me that is so far in that I was not convinced it existed. The UNICORN ME.
To get to my CDFs, I had to clear new soul pathways with a badass machete. The terrain proved to be dense and thorny. I had to wrestle my brain every bit of the way. I refused to choose a word because it would “sound great in my Marketing copy”. I bypassed principles by which I have been living for as long as I can remember because they suddenly felt like tools, not desire. I had to fight myself into submission: no, I will not pick a word because I want to want it. My SOUL had to shush my brain repeatedly.
Throughout the process, only one question mattered and remained: what do I, the Divinity of my Self, my highest Good, STAND and STRIVE for?”

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About Cécile Charlot

Sensuality Anthropologist | Health & Wellness Coach | Creator of the '30 days to Turn on your Sexy challenge' | Writer | Dancer

I am a Health & Wellness Coach and Sensuality Anthropologist. I inspire women to harness the power of holistic health and explore what lights them up and turns them on.

My ultimate goal is to create an army of titillated, powerful, magical creatures and to take over the world. Total domination!

On my way to becoming a wellness revivalist, I quit my corporate marketing job and ran away as fast as I possibly could. The only thing I will now willfully enslave myself to is pleasure. Let it be known.

I offer individual coaching sessions, group workshops and revolutionary online programs. With these, I guide women to [re-]establish a loving and pleasurable relationship with food, [re-]sensualize their body, life & decision making, and achieve ecstasy for life.

I share my life between Los Angeles, Seattle and France. I write, I dance, I smell the roses and buy lots of clothes.

With me as your coach, you will:

  1. Debunk limiting believes, adore the bod and revive the love
  2. Titillate and feed your senses in innovative, experimental ways
  3. Unleash your seductive power unto the world, sexplore til you drop and maximize pleasure
  4. Examine your life holistically and implement simple yet impactful changes to fill your life with wellness

Be lit up. Live juicy.

Training & Education

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City: Professional Training & Certification Program 
  • International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC): Accredited Member
  • Landmark Curriculum for Living and Self-expression & Leadership Program
  • Freedom to Create: Leadership Development Program (Bix Bickson + Danielle LaPorte)
  • Master’s Degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Management