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About Andrea Koehler

Life, Success, Body Image Coach | Speaker

I work with people, period. In Any (and every) Shape or Form, I work with entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, changemakers, and leaders to become the architects (or the authors, pilots, programmers, directors, choreographers, programmers, etc.) of their own lives.  I work with people toward personal or professional goals, through life transitions, and those who just know they want something more than where they're at right now.

I am passionate about working with people who know there is something bigger for them, but feel stuck in getting there; with people who are ready to take action towards their dreams and goals. I help my clients peel back that proverbial onion and dig into all the stuff that has them stuck, then create the space to find out what they need so as to achieve all that is possible in their lives.

I am passionate about working with people who are ready to step into what’s possible for them in the world, with people who things I like to peel back that "proverbial" onion and dig into the all stuff that gets us stuck and work with my clients to create the space to find out what is needed to achieve what's really possible in life.  

I also specialize in working with people dealing with issues related to Body Image. As a dancer who didn't dance for 13 years because I didn't have a "dancer's" body, I am committed to people not denying themselves the fullness of their life because society's description of what they “should" look like doesn't fit the body they have. In 2012, I founded Any Shape or Form, a company dedicated to creating events and education that breakdown the limiting effects of body image issues and empowering people to rewrite their story about what is possible - who they are, what they can be, what they're worth, and what they're truly capable of. 

My background is in Leadership Training and Training Development - both in the Educational and Corporate environments, specializing in curriculum design, leadership, time management, presentation and facilitation training.

What you can expect when working with me?

  • A partner committed to you stepping into who you are.
  • The space to reconnect with your essence, create clarity on you are and what your purpose is.
  • A place to create new awareness and new actions that lead to lasting transformation.
  • Awareness and understanding of the inner monologue and that “thing" that you do that keeps you stuck and the tools to unstick it. 
  • Support in designing structures and accountability that support your shift.